Insights on Facebook Use and Access

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook (FB) has served the world in different ways. Nigerians are not exempted from this traffic. As popularly used, FB connects friends, family, strangers and foe.

A recent survey done on FB reveals about 66% of Nigerians population access FB on a daily basisfbk-survey

This means that 9,240,000 people are active on FB from Monday to Sunday. By active it means that they chat, like images and videos and/or comment and ‘participate’ in one activity or the other. Of this number, Nigerians between the ages of 25-34 form the largest number of users. 6% of FB users visit FB less than once a month. In addition, 7% of Nigerians are not on FB – these are probably senior citizens.

From this analysis we deduce that the high percentage of ‘usership’ on FB can be attributed to the availability of FB app on virtually all mobile device. Also, the trend of pre-paid internet usage has cropped up. Thus the pre-paid internet subscription equals automatic access to FB every time. The low percentage of epileptic users is suggestively young users below the age of 18 who have access to the internet at irregular intervals.

Many users ‘like’ posts of family and friends mostly. However, catchy posts from ‘strangers’ are often liked to. The number of likes depends largely on popularity. TV programmes make appearance on FB too and ardent audience of these programmes ‘like’ their page and post.

All in all, FB has come to stay. FB engages its audience by constantly improving its features or adding new ones.


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