Anatomy of an Agege Bread seller

Not all bread sellers will end up an Olajumoke but they do live an interesting life that we all can learn something from. In case you haven’t heard of her, Olajumoke Orisaguna is the Agege bread seller who gained stardom when she photobombed Tinie Tempah’s photoshoot by TY Bello.

Olajumoke’s story from rags to riches has proved once again that Lagos State is a land of limitless opportunities – anything can happen in Eko. Dreams come true in Lagos and that’s why different people from all walks of life flock the city. With hard work and a bit of luck, you can achieve your innermost heart desires in Lagos.


Have you ever wondered the kind of life people who sell your beloved Agege bread live? The possible dangers involved in walking into unknown streets all in an attempt to make a ‘daily bread’. Did you know that bread hawkers are daily exposed to abuse especially the possibility of being raped by men under the pretense of buying bread from them?

Wondered how far an Agege bread seller walks in a day or how much she makes after walking the streets of Lagos under the scourging sun? Well, we followed one bread seller for a week and this is what we found out;

  1. Did you know that an Agege bread bakery can serve up to 30 bread sellers daily with N8,000 worth of bread resulting in a weekly turnover of 6million?
  2. The bread seller’s ‘tray’ usually comprises; 3 pieces of bread at N150, 15 pieces at N80, 22 pieces at N70 and 10 pieces at N60.
  3. The weight of a fully loaded tray is approx. 14kg. That is equivalent to 2 building bricks or 9 bottles of large bottled water (1.5ltrs).
  4. A bread seller makes an average of N2,000 profit daily. That amounts to N56,000 monthly – which is 3 times the N18,000 minimum wage. Wonder how many entry-level graduates earn more than that!
  5. Our bread seller walked an average of 14km per day and 98km over the week. That’s the same as walking from Lagos to Sagamu and back.

Olajumoke’s story has motivated many Nigerians and even pastors now use her as a prayer point (LOL). The truth is her story is truly inspirational and goes to show that no job is too small to do – whatever your hand finds to do, do it.


Original picture by Ty Bello





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