Do you ever go online and see some words you have no clue existed, most of which you can’t even guess their contextual meaning?

If yes then this write up is for

Social media can be very confusing & annoying if you’re clueless about slangs you see there. Some of these words are regular words but have a different meaning on social media. Here’s a list of slangs or abbreviations you’re most likely to see online and their meanings:

  • Bae – This is used to describe someone/something which is dear to you. Example: “Bae and I are going on a boat cruise tomorrow.”
  • On Fleek – This word means “perfection”. It is usually used to describe something that looks on point. It was originated when a vine user uploaded a video of her saying her eyebrows were on fleek. Example: “Your shoes are on fleek.”
  • Yas – This word doesn’t have a particular spelling – it varies. It is used when “yes” isn’t just enough to show your excitement. It was originated from a video of a fan screaming “yass” enthusiastically when Lady Gaga looked good. Example: “YASSSSS, that show was live”.
  • Shade – This means to slightly insult someone in a polite way. Saying something disrespectful in a sweet way. Example: “You don’t just throw shade at people”.
  • Turnt – This is mostly used when describing a party, usually to hype the party. A synonym is ‘live’. Example: “Yassss, this party is turnt/live! “
  • Slay – This is mostly used when it comes to ladies fashion – not exclusively – to describe someone looking dapper. To say someone killed it. Example: “You look beautiful, Slay queen”.
  • Zero chill – This term is opposite of ‘chill’ – it means having no form of calm. When someone doesn’t care anymore so they hit hard on the issue at hand. Example: “When it comes to food, you have zero chill.”
  • Stay woke – This is a term that acts as a reminder to people to be aware of controversies and things going on in the society that are most times overlooked. Example: “Don’t be deceived by information from the media. Stay woke.”
  • Sub – This means to talk about someone without indicating their name or tagging them. It’s mostly when the first party disses the second party without indicating who they’re talking about. Example: “Stop throwing subs at me coward, mention me if you can.”
  • Or nah – This means “or not”. It was originated from The Weeknd song featuring TY Dolla Sign. In the song, he asked questions and ended them with “or nah”. Example: “Are you going to the club or nah?”
  • TBT – Am sure you probably know this one. It is short for ‘Throwback Thursday’. Usually comes after a hashtag. It is used when you want to post something from a long time ago e.g. 2010 😉
  • FBF – Now this one you might not know. It is short for ‘Flashback Friday’ – almost the same meaning as ‘Throwback Thursday.’
  • MCM – This is short for ‘Man-crush Monday’. This is used when you want to post a picture of someone that is your crush for one reason or the other. Obviously, usually on Mondays.
  • WCW – This means ‘Woman-crush Wednesday’ – the same thing as “Man-crush Monday’ but mostly posted on Wednesday and for a woman!
  • FR – This is short for “For real.” A synonym is “Are you serious?”. Used to confirm something you just heard. It is mostly rhetorical. Example: someone tells a guy his sister is pregnant and he goes “Are you for real?” or “fr?”
  • AF – This is used to lay emphasis on something, to show how deep it is or to make your point stronger. Example “I’m tired as fuck.”

There. You now have 16 of some of the slangs people use online. To fit in well, just learn these words, use them and you’re good to go.


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